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Souvenirs, Mukluks, Summer Sasauge
A few years ago my husband and I traveled from Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, USA through Sault Ste Marie, Ontario,…
Sault Ste Marie (Ontario) 28/Jan/2011
What tourists accommodations were available in Kincardine in 1948, I think our cabins may have been the first. They were…
Southwestern Ontario 08/Nov/2010
travel by bus
how do i get to person airport sat.nite from newmarket
Newmarket (Ontario) 24/Jul/2010
Hotels/Motels in Hearst
Would like to know what hotels/motels can be found in Hearst or near Hearst. Intend to spend night in Hearst.…
Hearst 23/Jul/2010
If I am a Canadian Citizen do I need a visa to travel to Pelee Island. also -- are dogs…
Pelee Island 18/Jul/2010
travel without a car
We are living in Waterloo- we do nothave a car- we wish to go to tobermory and Niagara and Niagara…
Region of Waterloo (Ontario) 19/May/2009
We are interested in living on the Island
We are interested in a property on the Island, we live in Chase British Columbia, but are originally from Northern…
Manitoulin Island 13/May/2009
driving nyc to niagara falls
hi how long does it take to drive from new york city to the falls. so how easy is it…
Niagara Falls (Ontario) 12/May/2009
Do you kinow of a web site that has souvenirs of kap? I'm specifically looking for sweatshirts.
Kapuskasing 15/Mar/2009
Where to stay?
Hey I am going to Brampton and I will probably stay there for a month, just wanted to know where…
Brampton 15/Feb/2009
ONE attraction for Sault Saint Marie
I need ONE famous tourist attraction for Sault Saint Marie. Thank you
Sault Ste Marie (Ontario) 24/Jan/2009

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