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bus fare
how much bus fare from pekan baru to bukit tinggi n what time it depart.where is the bus station location…
Pekanbaru 18/Sep/2011
booking of hotels
can I get budget hotel on my arrival on 15.9.2011
Borobudur 04/Sep/2011
sovenier of the buddha temple 123
what is price range of the sovenier
Borobudur 04/Sep/2011
holidays to dumai
i'll go to dumai for holidays for 3day & 2night but i dont know where should i stay for low…
Dumai 25/Jul/2011
i am from Nairobi, Kenya, and planning to visit Indonesia soon, i shall be looking for copy paper distributors in…
Riau Islands 16/Jun/2011
taxi price from solo o bantul(yogyakarta)
i wonder how much taxi price from solo to bantul(yogyakarta), which one is the most delightful and safe trip to…
Solo 16/May/2011
Teaching Opportunitites on Tropical Indonesia to start on June, July, August, September 2011
EF English First is a world renowned language institution and we now have nine schools in our group and the…
Indonesia 08/May/2011
Ketut and Geks House
Nice and cheap house to stay in Ubud Bali
Ubud 11/Apr/2011
ferry service from Balikpapan to Bali
I am looking for Ferry from Balikpapan to Bali (Denpasar). Please give me the informaitn with the price.
Balikpapan 07/Mar/2011
how to fly from jayapura to port moresby papua new guinea
how to reach port moresby from jayapura thru air
Jayapura 09/Feb/2011
airport tax
Hi, saya mau bertanya biaya airport tax di Tarakan berapa ya, thanks
Nunukan 08/Feb/2011
tour agents in tanjung pinang
will be coming here need an agent to take us around
Tanjung Pinang 06/Feb/2011
steamboat and japanese food in pontianak
where to get steamboat/shabu shabu and japanese cuicine in pontianak?
Pontianak 03/Feb/2011
Fishing spot
Is there any fishing spot around the areas?
Karimun 20/Dec/2010
Factory tour
I am looking for a tour of the Wedgwood Royal Doulton factory in Tangerrang Banten while I am in Jakarta…
Tangerang 19/Dec/2010
Medan 03/Dec/2010
Resto Bebek Goreng Abah Ndut
Another place to take a brief rest is Resto Bebek Goreng Abah Ndut, at Jl. Jend. Sudirman Purwokerto, the east…
Purwokerto 02/Nov/2010
do you have a map showing all the villages of Aceh? I'm looking for several small ones and can't seem…
Aceh 23/Aug/2010
Upcoming weather
Hello, Is the weather and earthquake predictable? Because next month, I am planning to go on a trip in Surabaya.…
Surabaya 28/Jun/2010
hotel 1 or 2 star
send information about 1 and 2 star hotel near grand city surabaya. or youth hostel near grand city or jl.…
Surabaya 03/Jun/2010
Hi, I would like to explore Komodo Dragon Island at Komodo National Park - Indonesia. I lookep up on internet…
Komodo National Park 16/May/2010
Indonesia Java International Destination, Java Indonesia
Indonesia Java International Destination is Indonesia wants to introduce a variety of sub-tropical natural beauty by visiting Indonesia as a…
East Java 31/Mar/2010
I heard that is a Resort.May i know where it is and how to get there?
Karimun 16/Mar/2010
Visa required for travel to Padang Bay
My father will be traveling to Padang Bay on the Princess Cruises - Ship DAWN PRINCESS - he was wondering…
Padang 15/Mar/2010
e-mail add and phone numbers
Godd day, Please send me the e-mail add and contact numbers in Tanjung Pinang Immigration Bureau, Bintan, Indonesia. Thank you
Indonesia 03/Feb/2010
Hotel in Tanjung Pinang main city.
Can u recommend any hotel in the city that is walking distance to the ferry terminal and shopping area.
Tanjung Pinang 09/Dec/2009
There are a Antonio Balnco's Mouseum. But i don't know exactly the direction to go there. Can anyone share it…
Ubud 07/Nov/2009
5 days 4 nights trip at manado
What can i do there with 5 days and 4 nights trip at manado? do I stay at manado for…
Manado 05/Aug/2009
beachside resort in tanjung balai karimun??
do you anyone know beachside resorts in Tanjung Balai Karimun..
Karimun 14/Jun/2009
Hotel di Jl. Ahmad Yani
Saya mencari hotel di Jl. Ahmad Yani - Surabaya dan sekitarnya yang dekat dengan lokasi Jatim Expo. Karena staff saya…
Surabaya 06/May/2009
Try to visiting Indonesia
are you ever visit to Indonesia?. Indonesia have a many amazing landscape.
Indonesia 02/May/2009
Way to toboali
how can i go travel to toboali-bangka from batam? thx
Bangka-Belitung 22/Apr/2009
History of establishment of Sundial Bandung
History of establishment of Sundial Bandung
Bandung 13/Apr/2009
tour guide batam
Hi.. ada tau contact freelance tour guide batam ga? thank you buat infonya
Batam 17/Mar/2009
hotel rates
hotel rates.
Karimun 16/Jan/2009

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