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i have been offered a job in rumalia but is it safe to go
Basra 25/Sep/2011
hotells in sulymania
I dont found hotell in suleymania, asking for hotell
Sulaimaniya 11/Dec/2010
Social life
I am a South African working in dubai as a clinical laboratory manager and will translocate next week to Arbil…
Kurdistan 24/Jun/2009
new resturant
Marina resturant is a new opened in ankawa.
Arbil 28/May/2009
Headed to Kurdistan In June
I'm headed to Turkey and from there going to Kurdistan in June. Does anybody have any useful tips or advice?…
Kurdistan 28/May/2009
Lodging in Zakho
I'm going to be going from Turkey over the border to Zakho tomorrow (May 14) and am looking for a…
Zakho 13/May/2009
Visa for kurdistan inquiry
where to get visa for kurdistan? what are the requirements if the nationality of the person applying is syrian &…
Kurdistan 22/Apr/2009
Travel by car from kuwait to basra
how to travel by car from kuwait to basra
Basra 22/Apr/2009
Sulaymaniyah Hotel
contact number in sulaymaniyah hotel miracho
As Sulaymaniyah 20/Apr/2009
how can i travel to basrah
Dear sir i am an iraki woman with a tunisian nationality. i did not go to basrah for 7 years…
Basra 07/Apr/2009
a Dahoki guy for who need information
I live in Dahok and I'm ready to give information about dahok province and Dahok city for who need them.…
Dahuk (city) 10/Mar/2009
flight from Nigeria to Arbil
Can u please help with finding a flight from Nigeria to |Arbil with as little strees as possible cos i…
Arbil 05/Mar/2009
what attracts the tourists?
what attracts the tourists?
Basra 03/Mar/2009
Visa Requirements
Wondering where I could find information on Visa requirements - our company has been awarded a program in Basra and…
Basra 21/Jan/2009

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