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Penns Grove, NJ - Meeting of people from Abruzzo Italy
Valle San Giovanni Luncheon – 2011 The eighth annual Valle San Giovanni luncheon takes place at noon on Saturday 1…
Abruzzo 24/Sep/2011
Bus and Train Service
Is there bus or train service from Spello to Bevagna? To Gubbio?
Spello 11/Apr/2011
monastery of s bernardino
looking for info on above and accommodations
Corniglia 20/Mar/2011
Vineyard tours in Lake Garda / Verona, Italy
Looking for the names and web sites of vineyards to tour in the Lake Garda and Verona, Italy area for…
Valpolicella 09/Mar/2011
Cefalu Beatiful place
i found nice apartments here http://www.cefalurent.com
Cefalù 25/Feb/2011
Train from Munich to Milan
Want to catch a train from Munich to Milan on 14 May 2011. Would like to know the cheapest, second…
Milan 13/Feb/2011
Travel to Abruzzo and Le Marche
Can anyone recommend a tour company for a guided tour of Abruzzo and Le Marche. I prefer organised tours as…
Abruzzo 01/Feb/2011
travel from rome
I will be travelling from Rome to Teramo by bus/coach is there a main coach station at Teramo please
Teramo 29/Aug/2010
Oltrepo Pavese
Anyone been to the Oltrepo Pavese area i the south of Lombardy? It's definitely worth a visit as it reminds…
Italy 09/Aug/2010
nightlife in trapani?
nightlife in trapani?
Trapani 03/Aug/2010
Italian language learning
A professional speaker pronounced about 16000 words. All site is available for free without user registration. Italian language learning
Italy 18/Jun/2010
Monastery of S. Bernardino
Do they still offer accomodations for a night? How far is it from Corniglia and how do you get there?
Corniglia 18/May/2010
Travel to Italy
Hi, if you're planning a trip to Italy and want to experience to the fullest within a small period of…
Italy 27/Apr/2010
Travel to Italy
Travel to Italy with utmost peace! With Perillo tour’s you don’t need to worry about leaving your precious pet at…
Italy 29/Mar/2010
Best Travel Package
Hi, if you're planning for a trip to Italy and want everything to turn out cheap and best, then I…
Italy 21/Feb/2010
Great city
Yes, Milan is a great city. i wish i can visit sometime this city!
Milan 04/Dec/2009
Explore beauty of Florence!
Finding and renting a car is pretty hard. But now there is a site that will surely help us find…
Florence 19/Nov/2009
A suggestion for your web page
I've noticed you don't know the mail sardinian tour operator: Sardegne.com. It contains more than 1000 solutions for planning holidays…
Sardinia 09/Nov/2009
Liquor Store in Florence
I purchased Limoncello from a small liquor store just a couple blocks from the Duomo. I want to contact them…
Florence 02/Sep/2009
italian mask shops in or near Verona, ie. that make their own masks (and will sell wholesale).
italian mask shops in or near Verona, ie. that make their own masks (and will sell wholesale).? Thanks
Verona 02/Jun/2009
Visit to Travazzano
I would visit the small village of Travazzano near Teramo. Does anyone have any information on how to do this?…
Travazzano 11/May/2009
Vernazza hostel
is it still open?
Vernazza 08/May/2009
Transportation from Bergamo to Turin
What is the best way to go from Bergamo airport to Turin. Train or private rented car.? Does one need…
Piedmont 26/Apr/2009
Bus from Ora Auer to Cavalese?
is it possible to get a bus from ora auer to cavalese?
Northern Italy 25/Apr/2009
To sleep in Rome
If you need to sleep in Rome, Visit Appartamento Tuscolano Web Site. Nice and cheeper location!
Rome 13/Apr/2009
Airlines within Europe
I am interested in trying Blu-express from Nice to Rome--the fares are very low. Has anyone here had any experience…
Italy 06/Apr/2009
car travel
I am going to amalfi coast for first 2 weeks of June. I have heard that renting a car in…
Amalfi 04/Apr/2009
Travel from Ragusa to Agrigento
Hello, I am hoping you can help me please? I will be in Sicily & Italy in April and May,…
Ragusa 03/Apr/2009
opera house in Bari
Is the opera house of bari reopended yet? If so, so do you know of any website with program etc.
Bari 22/Mar/2009
club Rendezous
I was station Gaeta Italy and use to visit a bar called Rendezous Is that place still up and running?
Gaeta 02/Feb/2009
Doing a school project on San Marino
Need to know what they eat at each meal. Music and instruments. And any special animals
San Marino 26/Jan/2009

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