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2 days in Hakone
Understand that it is better to stay one night in Hakone inorder to complete the Hakone round course. Could you…
Japan 19/Sep/2011
Kagoshima Central Fish Market
Need some description and a map on the location of the Central Fish Market in PDF. What to expect &…
Kagoshima 02/Sep/2011
I am going to be moving to Sano, Japan on August 31 to start my new job as an EFL…
Sano 23/Jun/2011
wide view hida express
I would like to know the schedule and train fare for 1. travelling from Osaka to Takayama. 2. travelling from…
Osaka 11/Jun/2011
is it safe to travel to chiyoda bec. of earthquake and the nuclear radiation after effects will be traveling there…
Tokyo - Chiyoda 13/Mar/2011
I am going to visit Japan in June and would like to find Camp Conwell/Ojima. I was stationed there in…
Ota 11/Mar/2011
from swiss nankai hotel to airport
just want to inquire any means of transportation from hotel to kansai airport our plane leaves at 9:am back to…
Kansai International Airport 02/Mar/2011
Unseasoned traveller; new to be in Hokkaido
Having read the above and seen the beautiful video clips in other sites, please recommend suggestions for a 2 week…
Hokkaido 11/Feb/2011
Youth hostels in Takasaki
I couldn't find a list of youth hostels in Takasaki. Can you provide me with this/
Takasaki 19/Sep/2010
Bus Gotemba to Kawaguchiko
Hi there, could you tell me whether there are buses running from Gotemba to Kawaguchiko on September 5th 2010 early…
Mount Fuji 05/Aug/2010
horaire ferry
bonjour. Quels sont les horaires de ferry ( aller et retour ) entre onagawa et kinkasan ? Faut-il réserver les…
Kinkasan 06/Jul/2010
transport from gifu to shirakawa-go
hello.. i have a question.. how to go to shirakawa-go from gifu city? and how long? thx
Shirakawa-go 24/Jan/2010
Tsuruta(Aomori) visit
planning holiday to Tsuruta(Aomori), would you please advise if any tours/visit to apple orchard(owing a apple tree) & advise what…
Tsuruta 01/Jan/2010
Fuji mountain
my freind recommend me way to Fuji mountain station5 is Tokyo-Mishima ,then by bus from Otsuki-Kawaguchiko .my question is 1.…
Otsuki 27/Dec/2009
pub slender
how many girls in pub slender
Numazu 30/Aug/2009
Off-Base Lodging
Misawa Inn is unavailable when I plan to be there. Any recommended commercial lodging near the base?
Misawa 27/Aug/2009
I am looking for a luggage/bag store that was in IEON Narita Shopping Center. It was on the bottom floor.
Narita 18/May/2009
tour to nagoya
need 3*** hotel accommodation cost for 04 nights (twin sharing for 08 pax), return airport transer with guide & 01…
Nagoya 22/Apr/2009
question: altitude of the iya valley?
what is the altitude of the iya valley--especially chiiori, japan?
Iya Valley 23/Mar/2009
travel to schools to observe lesson study format
A colleague and I fron NJ USA are planning to visit Hiroshima in July to visit school and observe lesson…
Hiroshima 08/Mar/2009
Carnival Princess
Is the Carnival Princess in Kanagawa, Japan just a Nightclub? Are there casino or hotel inside it, too? How much…
Kanagawa 21/Feb/2009
e-mail address of denver bar in okazaki?
planning to visit okazaki this june with caroline and wish to meet my old friends in denver bar ,domaesan ,…
Okazaki 16/Feb/2009
ferry ticket
Where can I buy or book online ticket to Ogasawara?
Ogasawara Islands 14/Feb/2009
Ashikaga 07/Feb/2009
Hi has anyone out there ever camped in Tanegashima?
Tanegashima 01/Feb/2009
Japan attraction
Japan is popular for its natural hot springs also known as Onsen. Japan is dotted with numerous hot springs and…
Japan 20/Jan/2009
How about visiting Kyoto
I have read somewhere that Kyoto is a huge place. And it is a very big task to see all…
Tokyo 20/Jan/2009
list of Pubs in vicinity of Hotel new otani harborland
Pl furnish a list of PUBs in vicinty of Hotel New Otani Harborland and Motomachi, Thank you
Kobe 12/Jan/2009
visa required
Is a visa required for travel from USA to Okinawa?
Okinawa 10/Jan/2009
Tokyo Narita hotel?
I'll be in Tokyo just night... any idea about an hotel near airport? ijj
Tokyo 08/Jan/2009

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