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Rail Travel Passes - Austria & Switzerland

My Wife & I (No kids) are planning the following Switzerland/Austria trip from May 26th - June 6th 2010.

May 26 - Arrival in Switzerland - Zurich; May 27-28 - Zurich to Lucerne; May 29-30 - Lucerne to Bernese Oberland/Interlaken; May 31-1 - Interlaken to Zermatt; June 2 - Zermatt to Chur (Glacier Express); June 3-4 - Chur to Salzburg/Innsbrook; June 5 - Travel Back to Zurich in the evening; June 6 - Fly back to USA from Zurich;

Can someone please advise us as to what combination of Austria and/or Switzerland saver pass makes the most sense for us? Should we buy separate Switzerland pass and Switzerland/Austria pass? Also, how many days pass we should buy so that its the most economical? Do we need to buy passes before we take the trip? What’s the best place to buy the passes? I would like to believe that these passes should work on the inter country travel. We are on a budget.

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Hi, maybe this information could you help you

You can see the most combinace for you.


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